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Nekopara Volume 1 Delayed on Consoles

Delay affects global PS4 and European Switch releases

The PlayStation 4 version and the European Switch release of Nekopara Volume 1 have been delayed.

Nekopara Volume 1 is a lovely visual novel about a startup baker and his two overly attached catgirls, Vanilla and Chocola. The girls have a hard time getting used to a baker’s life, all the while the owner has to deal with their hilarious mistakes and ideas. Earlier this year, the visual novel was confirmed to see a release on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Of the two platforms, only the Nintendo Switch version of the game has been released, and that's only if you aren't in Europe.

European fans of the Nintendo Switch who wanted to experience the comedic visual novel might have noticed that the game wasn't made available for sale in their region. The release was originally scheduled for July 4th, but in Europe, it was slightly delayed until sometime in July 2018. Similarly, the PlayStation 4 release of the novel was delayed worldwide, being pushed to sometime in summer 2018.

The delay was announced over the official Nekopara Twitter with a public apology. No reason or explanation for the delay was provided.


This is not the first time these console versions were delayed. The original release schedule aimed for the 21st of June, but the game was later delayed to July 4th.

The console versions of the game will feature several improvements, including a new opening song and animation, as well as new scenarios in the story. To ensure consistency of the experience, all the voice lines for the game were re-recorded. The release will also feature the Nekopara Volume 0 fan disc, which we have looked at before.

Nekopara Volume 1 is currently available on PC and the Nintendo Switch in North America and Japan. You can find out more about Nekopara in our review of the first game. We’ve also looked at its sequels, Volume 2 and Volume 3.

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