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Shady Corner has released an action puzzle game about collecting souls for orgasms, titled Flambeau.

In Flambeau, you play as a candle monster girl navigating through 36 floors of top-down rooms, filling them with traps to catch treat or trickers and make your way towards the bosses. The game’s goal is to help Flambeau reach the highest heights of pleasure by consuming souls, completing the gallery of lewd cards along the way.

The game has been developed by Shady Corner, a group we have featured previously. They're a group of entertainers who mainly producing reviews of erotic and pornographic games on YouTube. They have previously developed LewdWare and are currently working on Okonomiyaki, a VN about personified fast foods.

You can see the trailer,. read the official description, and see some screenshots of Flambeau below:

Flambeau is a sexy thicc candle girl who needs souls to reach a peak of pleasure. A trap is set in her mansion, candy is placed and she is oozing with excitment.

The mansion is filled to the brim with treaters wanting that sweet reward. It's your job to make sure they spend the rest of their afterlife enjoying the nectar of Flambeau's body.

As you harvest souls you unlock lewd cards you can finger through. Adventures of Flambeau captured in a collector set. Get more souls than needed and prepare to visit her bedroom.

Voice talents of VoiceLikeCandy, SpikeyBelmont & Shady Corner's Shades and Shadette. Music by Halfwaygone Productions and art by Ducky Deathly.

You can purchase Flambeau over on or Gamejolt for 19.99 AUD, or get access by donating $10 to Shady Corner’s Patreon, which will also grant you access to his other games. You can also check out his website.

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