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The train-loli visual novel, Maitetsu is available on FAKKU and Steam.

Maitetsu is an eroge visual novel developed by Lose and published by Sekai Project. The story starts with Ohitoyo, a town suffering from economic decline. In order to improve the economy, there are plans for a industrial factory to be built along the river. Our protagonist, Migita Sotetsu, returns to his hometown to prevent the factory proposal from being approved and believes that there needs to be another way to improve Ohitoyo’s economy without relying on a factory. While looking through his deceased adoptive father’s belongings, Sotetsu finds Hachiroku — one of the android-like beings known as Raillords. Could she be the key to restoring Ohitoyo’s economy?

Maitetsu features animated sprites, events, and erotic scenes, a gallery to re-watch scenes and listen to the game’s soundtrack, and an erotic scene pose generator. There is also in-depth information about trains and tips for playing the game.

After hearing that an industrial factory is to possibly be built along a landmark river in his hometown of Ohitoyo, Migita Sotetsu returns home to change the minds of those in charge of the factory proposal. Although half of the town's citizens support the building of such a mill, the other half fear the potential for pollution and contamination of their beloved river. Recognizing Ohitoyo's budgetary decline over the last few decades, Sotetsu believes that the town requires a system that allows it to be fiscally independent instead of reliant upon a factory to stimulate its economy, and sets out to identify an alternative method in achieving this goal. It's during this time that Sotetsu comes across an android-like being — a "Raillord" named Hachiroku — while looking through his late adoptive father's belongings. Although inanimate, Hachiroku and Sotetsu forge a deep, unlikely connection, and from this bond, work together in hopes of restoring Ohitoyo to its former glory.

If you are interested in Maitetsu, you can purchase it on FAKKU for $29.99 or Steam for the discounted price of $11.99. The special promotion discount on Steam ends July 6th. After that day, it will return to it’s retail price of $14.99. Please note that on FAKKU the game is currently listed for "pre-order."

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