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Sony stops the publishing of Omega Labyrinth Z in spite of successful ESRB and PEGI classification.

Omega Labyrinth Z is a rogue-like RPG in which a team of students from Embellir Girls Academy explores a mysterious dungeon that appears on school grounds only once a year, on the academy’s opening day. Rumors say that in it resides the Grail of Beauty, which can make a girl’s one true wish come true.

The game is a sequel to Omega Labirynth, and was going to carry over and expand on the original game's unique quirks like the omega power mechanic, in which as the protagonist defeats monsters, she gathers energy that enlarges her breasts. Once at cup size Z, she can unleash it in a powerful strike, and deflate as a result.

The first game in the series never saw an English release. This time around, the team at PQube planned to make the sequel available worldwide. The project had a rocky start — the game was refused classification in Australia, Germany, and the UK. In these cases, it was shunned for its erotic depiction of immature-looking characters. The UK’s VSC rating board in particular has shown disapproval towards minigames that involve touching, or having a dog-like creature lick honey off of girls, which would cause some of their clothes disappear. Similarly, they felt uneasy with the game’s academic theme, and felt that the game’s art direction would attract young audiences to the game.

Aside for these three incidents, Omega Labyrinth Z successfully received the ESRB's M rating, and was rated PEGI-18 in Europe. The game was released in Japan on July 6, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and the Vita. The Western release was scheduled for sometime early 2018, however, Sony disagreed.

Through Twitter, PQube has announced that due to the platform holder’s disapproval they have to withdraw any plans to publish Omega Labyrinth Z in the West. No further details were provided, and PQube does not wish to comment any further on the subject.

You can see their message below:


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