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D3 Publisher Reveals Gameplay of Bullet Girls Phantasia’s Interrogation System

D3 Publisher has uploaded a video giving us a solid look at the interrogation system in the upcoming ecchi action game Bullet Girls Phantasia.

In Bullet Girls Phantasia girls of the local high school’s gun club are magically transported to a mystical land, where they choose to use their modern weaponry to save the local medieval kingdom from hordes of orcs controlled by an evil dragon. To that end they will use not only panty-revealing martial arts, guns, and tanks, but also the art of persuasion. Through interrogation, they will find out more about the state of the world and how they themselves were sent there.

The system was first shown briefly in the game’s earliest trailers. Recently, D3 Publisher has uploaded a gameplay trailer to YouTube showcasing the system in depth. As it appears, during interrogation player pleasures the interrogated character through use of various tools to make them more open to discussion. The system encompasses lots of fetishes, from plain groping to water sports and vibrators. The process can involve one or two girls at once, though it wasn’t disclosed whether that’s the maximum.

You can take a look at the gameplay trailer below:

A Japanese release for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita is planned for August 9, together with a subtitled English release for Southeast Asia.

Bullet Girls Phantasia will feature hack-and-slash gunslinging action, vehicular combat, wear and tear on fighter’s clothing, and more. You can read about the game’s features, as well as the game's cast, in our earlier article.

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