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Producers of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Ask Fans to Stop with the Lewds

The producers of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby issue a public request to the show’s fans asking to stop producing pornographic and erotic depictions of the show’s characters.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is a 2018 anime series that first debuted in 2016 with a minute-long ONA [original net animation] clip. The series makes use of the personification gimmick to appeal to the fans of cute girls doing things along with the horse race loving niche. The show takes place in a high school setting: an academy for racehorses reborn as kemonomimi horse girls, and follows the adventures of Special Week.

Special Week, just as many other characters in the series, is named after an actual racing horse under the approval of its owner. Because of that, the series' producers are becoming concerned over the rise of pornographic content depicting characters from the show.

At first, one of the producers has personally addressed the matter during a live stream event for promoting the series' merchandise. On the next day, an official statement was posted on the official Uma Musume: Pretty Derby website. In it, the producers thank all the fans for their support but request that they avoid damaging the reputation of both the show’s characters and the horse racing community as a whole. You can read the statement below:

– Things that all fans supporting the series should be wary of –

“We humbly thank you for enjoying Uma Musume: Pretty Derby. We have received numerous reactions and lots of support from all forms of social networking services, especially due to the anime “Uma Musume: Pretty Derby” which began broadcasting in April 2018 – once again we thank you humbly for this. The Uma Musume Project has one thing that it would like to humbly request for the sake of all the fans supporting Uma Musume.

It would be appreciated if you could consider refraining from using expressions that could potentially damage the image of racehorses and the franchise’s horse girl characters. In the series, characters take on the likeness of real racehorses and every character even borrows their racehorse’s names by the consent of their owners, it is a work that has been realized through the cooperation of many generous people.

All fans who love the horse girls, please be careful not to make expressions that would damage the image of the characters or the real racehorses they are based on or that would make staff or the real life horse owners feel uncomfortable.

The Uma Musume Project, for the sake of not damaging the majesty of such fine racehorses, will continue to support racehorses and their success in the future together with everyone.

We would like to thank Sankaku Complex for translating the statement.

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