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The first chapter of Pink Potion's otomege visual novel, Yakuza Kiss, has been released on Steam.

Yakuza Kiss is a story about Jeong Moon, an impoverished woman enduring life in the slums of Cyan City. A corrupt place, where she lost all she had left. Things become even more dire as her twin sister’s troubles make their way to Jeong instead. She ends up dragged deeper into the neon city’s underworld, forced into the affairs of the Yakuza. There she meets their leader, Yuki Yamaguchi, who is drawn to her.

The visual novel is being made by Pink Potion. They’re a duo of developers hoping to combine the best that Asian TV dramas and western romance novels have to offer into one package, with Yakuza Kiss being their first project. The game is going to feature a lot of animation, including the use of Live2D, background and sprite animations, as well as particle effects. Their goal is to deliver an immersive experience driven by player choice.

Below you can see the novel’s trailer, official description, and sample screenshots:

Offering the feminine adult visual novel audience something new and exciting, Yakuza Kiss combines elements from Western romance novels and Asian TV dramas into an experience spanning multiple genres - from romance and erotica to action and crime. We take all the classic visual novel features you love and add some new ones.

We prioritize immersion, excitement and enjoyment!

- LIVE2D animated characters

- Animated backgrounds with sprite animations and particle effects

- Comic book style illustrations for important scenes

- Karma system - your choices lead you to different outcomes

- Immersive soundtrack, SFXs and visual effects

- Chapter-by-chapter release - follow along & support us on the way

"Turn darkness to light, weakness to strength."

Some call it a neon paradise, but in reality, Cyan City is a hell on earth where the strong prey on the weak. Rays of sunlight seldom breach the thick smog of pollution looming over the city, creating an endless night where the criminal underworld never sleeps.

Jeong Moon had lost everything and everyone. Living in the slum district, she was barely scraping by. Finally pushed to her breaking point, she wanted to leave it all behind. Instead she was pulled even deeper into the belly of the beast and forced to become a member of the Yakuza.

Within their ranks, working to conceal her true identity, she would catch the attention of a dangerous and tormented yakuza leader - Yuki Yamaguchi - a man who had nothing left except his inner demons. To survive in his world, she would have to face her deepest fears and give in to her darkest desires...

The first chapter of Yakuza Kiss is now available on Steam for $8.99. Purchase of the game will grant you access to all of its future chapters, but the price will increase with each update, meaning that an earlier purchase might end up much cheaper.

Alternatively, you can consider supporting Pink Potion on Patreon, where the $10 tier will reward you with a Steam key of the game. The first chapter is expected to last for about an hour of playtime, and does not contain sexual content; however, later chapters of the story will feature sex scenes.

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