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The demo for Yotsunoha's Western release is now available from Sol Press.

Yotsunoha is an eroge visual novel developed by Hiqo Soft. Sol Press is publishing the full game for Western audiences and has released a demo. They plan to release Yotsunoha on July 27th.

After their school closed down, Makoto and his four female friends buried a time capsule on school property. They promised to meet up again in three years to open it. When the day of the reunion arrives, Makoto and the girls gather together. As happy memories and unpleasant ones return to him will Makoto’s relationship with his friends ever be the same?

A quest in search of our school memories.

At the end of summer break, our school closed down.

On our last day together, we put our true feelings inside a time capsule, and promised to meet again in three years.

The promised summer came. With it came things that did and did not change between us.

The quest in search of our school memories has begun.

What kind of smile will they have once we meet again?


Nono Nekomiya


Makoto’s childhood friend, ex-neighbour, and junior by a year. Her easygoing accent is one of her traits.

Used to do everything at the Yuuki household; especially cooking in which she excelled at. She also used to wake up Makoto, Iori, and, whenever she stayed over, Matsuri.

To Iori, she was her guardian. To Makoto, his caretaker.

Wished to someday get back at Makoto for all his teasing.


After Mochizuki closed down, she returned to her hometown in the Kansai area to continue her studies.

Boasts about how much she has grown (4’ 5.8”), though mostly does so in a meek voice.

After reuniting with her childhood friends, she wants to put a stop to them treating her like a child. One way or another.

Iori Yuzuku


Iori is Makoto’s childhood friend, who used to live together with him, and is also one year his senior. Putting it nicely, she is an older “little sister.” Otherwise, an absolute good-for-nothing. She liked being pampered by Makoto and, much to his chagrin, acted like a big sister too. “You shouldn’t forget your carrots, okay? Here, I’ll give you mine too.”

Used to drink a glass of lemon juice, together with Makoto, every night before going to sleep. Always adding three spoonfuls of sugar.


After Mochizuki closed down, she moved in with some relatives in another prefecture and attended a local business academy. Her huge breasts, the only thing Makoto was proud of her for, grew even bigger. Her habit of acting like an older sister is still very much alive.

She was looking forward to reuniting with Makoto and getting pampered by him, but was disappointed to learn that he doesn’t refer to her like before.

Matsuri Amachi


Matsuri is Makoto’s childhood friend and has had a love/hate relationship with him since forever. Same age as Makoto and always barges into his room through the window.

Despite her wish to be treated differently, Matsuri would always whine whenever her friends left her alone. She is moody, cheerful, daring at times, and somewhat popular due to her shy nature around strangers. Despite her antagonistic relationship with Makoto, she would always go along with his pranks. “The point is, it’ll be all right if we don’t get caught. We’re playing a prank on them, after all.”


After Mochizuki closed down, she was the only one to attend the local school, Gekka. An upper-class school mostly attended by girls from elite families. Her once cheerful personality soured and turned cold and taciturn. She has changed the most in regards to personality and looks with nobody knowing the reasons why

Arisa Yuki


Makoto’s classmate. A “childhood friend” that yearned to become a real childhood friend. A quiet, delicate girl with pale skin like that of snow, and a well proportioned face like that of a doll. Liked to read books by the window during breaks. Everyone thought of her as an unapproachable, yet beautiful, girl though she wasn’t aware of it.

Due to a long-term hospitalization, she lost touch with people her age. However, even if she wanted to hold a conversation with them, she would get nervous, become unable to speak, and would flee in a panic. Her voice would be as low as a whisper, and one wouldn’t be able to make it out unless they were but a breath away.

Before being hospitalized, she would rely on Makoto since they were friends. But by the time she was discharged, not only was he cold towards her, but he also completely forgot about her. Unable to depend on him any longer, she decided not to forgive him until he apologized. Though she was weak to Makoto’s smile, needing only one to completely forgive him.

She wished to be a childhood friend in the same way Makoto, Iori, Matsuri, and Nono are.



You can play the demo for Yatsunoha on Sol Press’ official game page, and check on the game’s progress on the Sol Press product page.

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