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Hapymaher, a Japanese visual novel about dreams, is now available for pre-order on MangaGamer

Hapymaher, also known as Happy Nightmare, is a Japanese visual novel first released in 2013. The game’s protagonist is Naitou Tohru, a boy who lost the ability to dream during an accident in his childhood. Instead, he gained the awareness required for lucid dreaming. Sadly, as he cannot properly fall asleep, his body keeps on going until he faints from exhaustion, giving him his only chance to rest.

The story picks up once Naitou finds another girl in his dreams, Maia, who is responsible for his horrid state. Additionally, an unknown dream-hopping girl named Alice comes to his rescue. Including his friends from the waking world, the game's character cast is as follows:

Alice Toriumi

A girl that appears in Tohru’s dreams. She claims to be able to wander from dream to dream, but there’s no way to prove it.

Her words and actions are often frustrating, because she seems to know various things but then it turns out she really doesn’t.

But it’s at least certain that she’s an ally of Tohru’s... Probably.

She is never really on her guard.

Saki Hasuno

Tohru’s childhood friend.

She used to be a good, honest girl, but after a certain point she became Tohru’s little sister, and turned into a scary girl who entangles her brother in her wiles. (According to Tohru.)

And the scariest part is that she does so almost unconsciously, so her brother is always troubled.

With circumstances being what they are, it’s not that she has a complex towards her brother.

Incidentally, her family are rich landowners.

Yayoi B. Lutwidge

Tohru’s sempai and the head of the school science club who has returned to Japan.

As her name suggests, she’s half Japanese, and as you can see, she has a figure distinct from a Japanese person.

One mustn’t be deceived by her appearance, because she is always behaving in a calculating manner—or so she says, but Tohru thinks she mostly just relys on intuition.

But it’s impossible to know what she’s thinking behind that smile.

Keiko Hirasaka

Saki’s classmate and Tohru’s underclassman. The principal’s niece.

She doesn’t have many friends because she doesn’t talk much and often glares at people. She plays guitar as a hobby, and sometimes sings in front of the train station.

Often behaves coldly, and kept Tohru and co. at a distance at first. She doesn’t like Yayoi because the latter is over-familiar and it’s hard to know what she’s thinking.

It goes without saying that she’s from a well-off family.

Maia Naitou

The worst trauma that appears in Tohru’s dreams.

She’s the one behind him getting trapped in dreams.

But as long as he had lucid dreams, she wasn’t supposed to appear ever again.

Tetsuya Nezu

Tohru is a triple threat with his menacing expression, poor sociability, and tendency to collapse suddenly, but Tetsuya is a friend who tells him not to worry about it, like it’s no big deal.

He’s a thoughtless idiot, but he’s also a good, innocent person.

But it’s a pain when he and his girlfriend Asahi are together. In a sappy couple sort of way.

Asahi D. Lutwidge

Even though her hair and stuff obviously stand out, she is not showy. She is a comforting small animal. Always smiling, and none of her classmates have ever seen her get seriously angry.

She doesn’t mind Tohru’s more troublesome aspects, so she’s another one of his few friends. When she and Tetsuya are together they suddenly form their own world, so that’s a pain.

In a sappy couple sort of way.

Mia Takahara

An employee of the company Saki’s father runs, she is currently under company orders to act as Saki’s chaperon.

Driving away the pesky insects who approach Saki is part of her job, and towards her greatest enemy at the moment, Tohru, she harbors mixed feelings of trust and hostility.

Finally, you can see the opening video and sample screenshots of Hapymaher below:

You can pre-order Hapymaher on MangaGamer at the promotional price of $40.45, saving you four bucks off the release price. There’s also a promotional website for the game you can check out.

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