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Instinct, an adult visual novel about a cat discovering secrets, is available on Steam.

Instinct is an adult visual novel developed by VNeroGAMEs and published by TsunamiGames. The story follows a cat named Ginger who was enjoying life in the pet shop her mistress Evelyn owned until a strange man came into their lives. His name is Christian and he just started working at the pet shop. He’s a good worker, but Ginger thinks there’s something fishy about him. She decides to find out what he’s hiding and, if possible, dispose of him.

Instinct gives you the option to romance the mistress, the shop assistant, or no one at all. Everyone has something to hide and the choices you make will affect the ending.

It’s so nice to live with the person you like, to have everything necessary for a good life, to depend on yourself and have a good time.

Up till recently my wonderful life of leisure in the pet store ran its natural course, when suddenly a weird bozo appeared in the house. Why did Mistress hire him? Usually she doesn’t fancy strangers in the least. And we were doing well without his help anyway.

Sometimes it feels far too suspicious to me.

I’ll find out the truth behind it and make him disappear. Or maybe not…

Ginger – a playful, mischievous and sometimes arrogant cat who works at the pet store. She is endlessly thankful to her Mistress, who saved her from death’s clutches, so she does her best to be as helpful as she can. The government is hunting down the cats like Ginger, allegedly to save their population. But in fact they need these creatures for a totally different reason…

Evelyn – the owner of the pet store. At a glance, Evelyn can be taken for a successful entrepreneur. She is often away for business. She comes back home late and drops on her bed to fall asleep instantly. If you look closer however, everything will turn out to be much more complicated...

Christian – a weird guy, who appeared in the store not too long ago. Settled down in a small closet on the ground floor. Fulfills his duties to a T. Drinks a lot of coffee and always has his smartphone on hand. There’s definitely something behind his ominous gaze…

You can buy Instinct on Steam for $4.99. There is also a decensoring patch on Dropbox.

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