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ShindoL Makes Darkest Dungeon a Whole Lot Sexier

Hentai artist ShindoL has released a free mod for the gritty dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon. Now you can add some cute and sexy characters to your party.

A few weeks ago the hentai artist ShindoL made a few custom mods for the dungeon crawling RPG Darkest Dungeon. The mod adds some additional character design variations for some of your party members. Essentially, it adds a bunch of cute anime babes to your party. This could be good or bad, given how frequently characters die in this gritty game. No one wants to see their waifu get hurt.

Just the other day, ShindoL released yet another batch of beauties. This new offering brings us two skins for the Vestal and one for the Highwayman class. They go together great with the Crusader and Hellion skins released previously.


I've gotten several messages asking if I would continue making skins for the other classes in Darkest Dungeon. I figured I would, mainly for personal use.

I'm releasing the skins to the public here, so please feel free to use them if you like more manga/anime in your DD.

As always, thanks for all my Patrons for supporting me while I procrastinate and play around with things like this, and if you are not a patron and would like to support me, a $1 a month would help me greatly in all things.

*You can apply these skins simply by copying the heroes directory to your SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/DarkestDungeon directory*

Thanks for your support!

You can find these mods available for free on ShindoL’s Patreon page. Batch one can be found here, and batch two is here. While you’re there, you can check out some other work on offer. There’s a lot more available for those who wish to financially support this erotic artist. Darkest Dungeon can be found on Steam for $24.99 for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

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