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Ouroboros, an RPG developed by Sierra Lee, built around the concept of time travel, has just been released on Steam.

Sierra Lee's Ouroboros is her newest RPG Maker title released on Steam. In this game, you will begin your adventure as a hero on a princess rescue quest. The game won’t mask that it’s just a front for the real story, which will involve plenty of mystery and mechanics involving time manipulation.

The game features a typical side-by-side combat system known from the classic Final Fantasy series; however it lightens the difficulty by making fights solely optional — there’s no experience system and monsters are avoidable. Characters’ growth in power will follow the plot over its five to six hours of gameplay.

Below you will find the game’s official description as well as sample screenshots:

Ouroboros presents a bright, cheerful world in which something is horrifyingly wrong. The hero has a princess to save and a quest set before him, but there are unsettling signs that all this has happened before. As you play the game, you'll come to realize that the dungeons and monsters are meaningless distractions from the task of uncovering the truth.

Ouroboros is an unorthodox RPG with time travel mechanics and the ability to manipulate events down multiple alternate paths. The combat is quick and fun - with no character levels, there's no need to grind! Instead you'll gain new strategies and techniques as you uncover deeper levels of the story and get closer to the truth at the heart of it all.

• Singleplayer RPG

• Available on Windows or Mac

• 5-6 hours of content

• All sex scenes uncensored

• Unlockable gallery of all scenes

• No DRM

You can purchase Ouroboros over on Steam for a discounted price of $3.74 until the first of June, at which point it will cost $5. To enjoy erotic content in the Steam version, you will have to download an additional patch from Sierra Lee’s blog.

Ouroboros is also available on and GameJolt for $10, on MangaGamer for $14.95, on Nutaku for $15, and on DLsite for $18.72.

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