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The newest yuri visual novel by 月Ware, The Tower of Five Hearts, is now available for purchase on MangaGamer.

The Tower of Five Hearts is a harem visual novel taking place in a fantasy world full of kemonomimi species. There are five continents in it, each with its own nation. At the center of them all lies the titular tower of five hearts. There, every generation the royal family’s successor gets to meet chosen girls from each nation, and the one the prince marries will bring fame to her country.

On this year, though, the eager girls are met by an unexpected twist. The royal family’s next heir is a girl as well! Now the ladies will have to serve as her maids during their stay at the tower, hoping to be the one she falls in love with. The novel is told from the princess’ perspective.

The game has been available for pre-order earlier in May and has now been finally released. Below, you can read the official character descriptions, and see some sample screenshots:


The main character of the game, and the only child of the previous royal couple. A cat and a dog. She has inherited few of the tendencies of her parents, and never really got to know them. She has her scruffy ears and no tail (which she is self-conscious about).She is initially reluctant to commit herself to a relationship, aware that whoever she marries, she will be “stuck” with them. And their represented race will be powerful until she has children.

The last Royal heir (Marie’s Father) was a Half-Dogboy, who fell for a Catgirl. Royal children only inherit the partner’s attributes.

She is committed to testing each would-be bride as they go about their maidly duties.


Aiko is a small girl, pressured by her family to continue their continent’s success. She is technically a duchess, but despite this, she was trained with the House-Staff.Her siblings did not treat her well, though none would dare raise a hand. She is reasonably good at her role, responds well to affection, but lacks in the confidence department. Will she be able to break out of her shell?


It’s hard to get a rise out of Momo the bunny-maid; she is a maid constantly at peace with herself. Her abilities as a chef are her strongest point, and the only thing she is truly “proud” of.

She is unused to face-to-face interaction, and as a result learned to speak, read, and write from more historical books. "Thou art," "Thee," etc.


If one looked up "ball of energy" in the dictionary, Tomiko’s picture would be next to it. Born to a gigantic family of dogboys and girls, Tomiko’s work ethic makes it hard for her to stop. She is an incredibly good maid, by all accounts. If it weren’t for Momo’s cooking, she stands unsurpassed in the maid-ly arts. Perhaps that’s why the pair are inseparable?

Watch out for her tail: when that thing’s wagging at mach speed, it really can put quite the smackdown on you!


Kiri is actually the lowest-born of the potential wives, brought up out of an orphanage. She longs to adopt a happy family and make sure that they learn life skills too. The only thing that throws her off tilt is that she was never taught to read.

She is capable of creating little magical lights, and is innocent in regards to matters of sex and romance.

Her luck is the day to Tomiko’s night. Good things just seem to happen for her. She likes to believe it’s because someone’s wishing her luck right now.


The Saurian continent has never had a royal child, and as a result, Mutsumi comes from the poorest origins. She desperately tries her hardest, despite being the most untrained maid in the bunch. The original girl due to be at the Tower was her sister, who sadly broke her legs. As a result, Mutsumi was thrust upon the matter.

Despite her lack of talent, she is incredibly intelligent. Given time, she might be a great maid, but she struggles when she compares herself to her older sister. Loves sunlight and snuggles.

You can purchase The Tower of Five Hearts on MangaGamer for $14.95 or 74 MG points. A demo version of the game is also available on Newgrounds.

The novel has been developed by 月Ware. Their previous visual novel was Critical Hit, a yaoi adventure taking place during a tabletop role-playing session. You can find more about them on their Patreon.

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