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The world of adult gaming is being taken to a dystopian future. Manage your time and resources, while also dodging the prying eyes of fellow citizens as you turn women into cock-craving sex fiends in Take Over.

[UPDATE 5/20/2018] Completely by chance, we stumbled upon a patch for Take Over. The patch will adjust some of the dialogue to add some "family love" into the mix. So if you'd like to spice up your game with some wincest, head over to F95 to snag the patch. [/UPDATE]

If you’re a fan of atmosphere and story in your porn game, Studio Dystopia is working on a title that you may find very interesting. This story-rich eroge puts players in the role of a man who’s been proverbially cucked by the system. One day, he decides to stand up for himself and take revenge. He may even liberate the country in the process. Brainwashing, domination, and corruption of all sorts await you in Take Over.

After the People's Revolution, freedom is extinguished and rebellion is crushed without mercy. The government has decided every detail of the lives of its' citizens- including you. After a promising career was cut short by making the wrong enemy, you were left with no choice but to return to your home town and take whatever employment you could find.

You would have been a top-flight researcher with everything you ever wanted, and now you are stuck cleaning floors in a government laboratory. That would have been the end of your story too, except for a chance discovery and the possibility of turning things around once and for all.

You can't take chances in this cruel world, but if you're smart you can take over...

Take Over puts players in the role of a protagonist whose once-bright future was snuffed out in an instant, due to him making the wrong people angry. In this dystopian world with a corrupt government, climbing back up the social ladder is a difficult, if not entirely impossible. Fortunately for the protagonist, he discovers a plan to make a mind control serum. He hijacks the project and uses it to start earning some respect.

As players progress through the story, they will be able to unlock more favors and sex acts with the ladies under their control. From turning your bitch of a boss into your perfect love slave to converting an indoctrinated sheep into your devoted lover, corruption and mind control fans will have a lot to look forward to. According to the in-game story, it seems as if future builds will add even more mind control items. There is also a black book used for keeping track of corruption levels. This book hints at a much more expansive roster of characters via silhouettes.

You can grab the latest public build of Take Over from Studio Dystopia’s Patreon page. It already contains several hours of content to keep you occupied. If you like it, you can donate to their Patreon. Supporters of their Patreon can also vote on upcoming game additions, and even make suggestions.

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