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MangaGamer has announced two upcoming titles during this year's Anime Central.

Anime Central is running all this weekend, so we’ve been on the lookout for announcements coming from it. Today, MangaGamer has announced two upcoming titles for your erotic enjoyment. Sisterly Bliss and Funbag Fantasy 2 are both headed to MangaGamer.

The first announcement was for Sisterly Bliss ~Don't Let Mom Find Out~ by a new partner to MangaGamer, eyephon. This title is about a pair of twin sisters who are a bit too close for their mother's comfort. After being reprimanded for their codependent relationship the two only grow closer.

They say love can transcend all boundaries, but is that really true? The twins Ichika and Futaba have always been inseparable, even as they developed their own interests and hobbies. Their love is strong and they’re always supporting each other, but can it hold up to accusations of codependency? Are the twins truly codependent as their Mother fears, or could the truth be something sweeter, something forbidden? Can the twins weather the storm and keep their flame alight, or will everything change for good? Find out in eyephon’s Sisterly Bliss!

The next announcement was for Funbag Fantasy 2. This is Waffle's follow up to their previous title dedicated to big boobs. We reviewed the first entry in the series and gave it an impressive 4/5. Hopefully we get something on the same level or better for the next one.

The Funbag Fantasy series returns with its epic story, huge bosoms, and titillating action in Funbag Fantasy 2! The time is 150 years before the events that reshaped Eurodia, an earlier age when daemons and humans still lived together. In the Island Kingdom of Hillsland, our new hero, Ruin Dimidium, has graduated from the Royal Abbey and been relegated to Boobshire, where he must deal with bandits or lose his station. What fate awaits Ruin on his journey full of succubi, bosom elves and knights, mermaids, and even royalty?!

That’s all for MangaGamer’s announcements from Anime Central, but they promise to have more upcoming this July at Anime Expo. MangaGamer already has an information page up for Sisterly Bliss if you'd like to find out more.

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