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Give Naomi Some Satisfaction in Momoiro Software's The Couch

You've got cute little Naomi begging for it. You choose to how to treat her in Momoiro Software’s, The Couch.

Rocky romances are nothing new, and they are quite common in hentai plots. Momoiro Software’s The Couch is about a man with a cute girlfriend, Naomi, who’s in desperate need of some intimate attention. She’s getting pretty desperate and has taken to “dealing” with the situation on her own. Fortunately for Naomi, her man finally decides to fulfill his obligations.


The Couch begins with a quick visual novel type cutscene that sets up the story. From there, it becomes an interactive sex sim. Players can choose various hand positions for giving Naomi more pleasure. They can also adjust the speed of sex, Naomi’s clothing, and more. Everything plays out in a fully animated sequence. There are even dialogue options to converse with the Naomi and affect the sex and story.

The Couch is a game about you and Naomi, who have been in a relationship for a while but lately Naomi has been acting weird. You've learned her secret and decide to confront her, Naomi being the shy type won't come out and say it so easily. What will you do?

Game features

- Gorgeous high resolution, 60fps 2D painted character animation!

- 2D boob physics!

- Deep interaction sex controls - control fucking speed, choose various groping options and more as updates roll out! Choose when and where to cum, fill her womb or cover her body!

- X-ray toggle! See the womb as you penetrate her!

- Customize yourself! You play a floating dick and floating hands, make them whatever color you want!

- Dynamic mood and facial expressions, Naomi responds to you in real time!

- Dialogue + Sex! - Dialogue is a key part of the gameplay, what you say affects her mood and arousal, a long with story route!

- Multiple endings based on what you say, how you cum, and other factors. (coming soon)

- Additional sex scenes based on ending you get (coming soon)

As far as future updates are concerned, Momoiro Software intends to add much more to The Couch as development progresses. Multiple endings, new sex positions, and even a completely new, full-color animated sex scene are planned to be added. The endings will be based on the dialogue tree a player selects.

You can play The Couch for free on itch.io, NewGrounds, or even play the downloadable build. You can read more about the game's progress on this post. If you’d like to support this game’s development and Momoiro Software’s future endeavors, you can visit their Patreon.

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