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Y Press Games' yaoi visual novel, My Magical Demon Lover, is available on Itch.io.

My Magical Demon Lover is a yaoi visual novel developed by Y Press Games. You play as Tristan, a boy who has always wanted to be a wizard. His great-grandfather Percival is the wizard currently protecting the village and he is the first to have an affinity for magic in three generations. With the odds stacked in his favor, Tristan and the villagers expected Percival to call upon him as an apprentice. Unfortunately, the first time Tristan is called by his great-grandfather isn’t to be his apprentice, but to watch over the village while he is on vacation. He also has to pick one of three demons to become his mentor. The demons are willing to give Tristan the magic he needs to become a wizard, but their services aren’t free — they want his body as payment. Who Tristan falls in love with and grants his wish depends on you.

Spicy Ecchi Content + A Yaoi Fantasy Story + A Dash of Comedy = My Magical Demon Lover, a 'mature players' dating sim that puts the wannabe wizard Tristan with his choice of three hot demons.

Three sultry routes, 50,000 words, and 10 endings! Choices matter and there's a high replay value. Pick correctly for maximum love, wizarding skills, and sexy times!

Includes an original sound track and over 50 computer graphics to illustrate every spicy scene!

Everyone thought Tristan was going to be the worlds next greatest wizard. But then he graduated from school, never got summoned to be a wizard, and became a loser. After years of shitty work in a shitty tavern his ship has finally come in! Tristan wants to be a wizard more than ever now.

Percival is Tristan's perverted great grandfather who became immortal at fifty. He's protected the village for 100 years. He feels he's due for a vacation, and Tristan is just the guy to cover for him while he takes off to the Pleasure Realm.

Harse lost his beloved in the underworld and is incapable of loving another demon. He wants to be with a human and learn to share his love again. He'll be a kind, loving, and gentle mentorbut he's all seme (a top).

Karn is looking for a human to dominate into submission. As the most powerful demon of the underworld he can give Tristan the strongest magicbut it's going to be rough! Karn is versatile and can be either seme (top) or uke (bottom).

If Tristan isn't interested in sex with a demon he might want to pick Soren, who doesn't want sex. What he wants instead, however, is a little weird... When he does have sex Soren is all uke.

My Magical Demon Lover can be played on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. You can buy the game for $9.99 on Y Press Games’ Itch.io page.

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