If you build it, they will cum

The erotic, free-to-play monster girl summoning game, MONMUSU, is now available on Steam.

The popularity of monster girls is still on the rise in the anime world. If you like getting lewd with beast babes and enjoy fondling mythical mammaries, your time is now. To add to the monster madness, Tentacle Games has just released MONMUSU. Summon demonic divas, sexy centaurs, and more in this free-to-play release.

MONMUSU puts players in the role of a man who’s absolutely obsessed with monster girls. He loves them so much that he pursues his dreams of having a monster girl harem by becoming a summoner. Now, as a summoner, the only thing left to do is to summon these beauties by raising money and, well, summoning them.

The first thing one may notice is that MONMUSU’s art bears the distinct style of Sayori, of Nekopara fame. She and two other artists assisted in the art and character design for this game. The gameplay for this title is pretty basic. Being a more casual game, money is raised by hiring workers and having them earn money for you. Once you have enough cash, you can afford to purchase various summoning items. Those items will allow you to unlock visual novel sequences where you can get very acquainted with your new friends.

With MONSUMU being free, the monetization comes in the form of Crystals, which can be purchased to skip past the long waits. There is also a free content patch available on Tentacle Games’ website. It’s very easy to install, and comes with instructions for the single-step patching process.

MONMUSU is available right now on Steam for Windows platforms. The adult patch and instructions are available on Tentacle Game’s website, but keep in mind that there is still mosaic censoring with the patch.

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