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Kittery and Fallow's text-based furry adventure game Paraphore that delves deeply into the land of fetishes has recently been completed with version 1.0.0.

Paraphore is a simple, but highly interactive, story-driven, furry text adventure game exploring the depths of sexual fetishes and kinks. As a player explores a virtual landscape occupied by extremely sexually liberated furries they will be sent out on various quests to collect and craft items, explore the nooks and crannies of the island they found themselves on. Paraphore mixes a lot of gameplay types and genres to provide an immersive and varied experience.

Below you can find a brief synopsis of the story as told to us directly by the developers along with some sample screenshots.


You're in a bomb shelter playing a furry porn game on your computer. You find yourself on an island talking to Mynt, an A.I. who is supposed to be protecting an island full of utterly degenerate furries. The UI warns you of the really degenerate ones.

As you play, you'll meet an ensemble of characters, all different ages and species and genders, all with varied fetishes. You get to fuck 'em and get fucked and do freaky shit together and cuddle and get all emotional and learn their backstories, and several things become clear: the power is low, these islanders are basically real people in the form of A.I. minds, they think of you as a celebrity, and it looks like a giant meteorite that was not programmed in crushed an entire area of their map and killed a handful of them .

The story past this point is scattered throughout the world. If you stay in Bright Forest, the vanilla area, you'll grow close with a big futa cow who has a basement full of tranquilizer weaponry and a little wolf loli in a red cloak who guards her comatose bunny friend. If you stay in Junk City, the kinky area, you'll plumb the depths of human depravity and discover a conspiracy implicating the deicide of Mynt. Other areas include the meteorite, the moon, and a hospital/pharmacy/rehab clinic.


Your choices will lead you to four different endings and one special 100% completion ending. With Paraphore,Kittery and Fallow aim to tackle themes like solitude, addiction, dysphoria, sub/dom relationships, and social stigma based on sexual preferences. The game contains a multitude of sexual fetishes, from simple furry group vanilla sex, futanari and femdom down to more extreme and violent content, featuring snuff and gore.

Paraphore's version 1.0.0. is now available to play for free in a browser on the game's official homepage. The game is available to play in both Flash and HTML5.

If you would like to support the creators of the game directly, they have their own Patreon account that helps them shape the look of Paraphore and their other future projects. Kittery and Fallow are already working on a sequel to expand the universe of Paraphore called Semiphore. You can check it out for yourselves by following this link.

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