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[UPDATE] Push Publications Has Started a Kickstarter Campaign for XTER's H-Manga, My Sister

My Sister, XTER’s incest H-manga, has a campaign on Kickstarter with the goal of funding a Western

[UPDATE 05/16/2018] Push Publication's My Sister Kickstarter has been suspended due to the nature of its content. The publication has made the following statement on Twitter announcing that after some consideration they will be changing crowdfunding platforms to Indiegogo. You can also read their full statement in a Kickstarter update post.Tweet[/UPDATE]

My Sister is a Thai H-manga series created by XTER. It was XTER’s debut series, and after My Sister’s 2006 publication, it became very successful in Thailand. Push Publications has started this Kickstarter to bring My Sister to a potential Western audience.

Push Publications is seeking $35,000 to publish My Sister for Western audiences. The series will be released as two parts of one anthology. The first part will include episodes two to three, with the third episode being released in English before the Thai version. The second half, which is scheduled to launch next year, will have episodes four and five. Along with My Sister Anthology: Part 1, Push Publications also plans to release an art book, featuring a biography of XTER, his sketches, interviews, and other works he has done.

- Episode 1 - After a year of studying abroad, Non finds out that his nerdy sister, Nate, has become a sexy nymphomaniac. Slowly, he uncovers the reason behind her transformation...

- Episode 2 - After suffering a mild concussion, Nate becomes the well-mannered girl she used to be. How can Non help her recover - and more importantly, turn her back into the slutty girl she was before?

- Episode 3 - This time, Nate takes a "biology" lesson on her college campus - and in uniform, too! This episode features a new character: Aunt Nee, a naughty professor.

There are four stretch goals to achieve if they raise more than $35,000 before the campaign deadline. At $37,500, two vinyl stickers of Nate will be made. At $42,500, backers with the standard edition tier or higher will receive one Tenga Pocket Masturbator — the style will be given at random. At $47,500, a collector’s box will be provided to backers who chose the standard tier or higher. At the final stretch goal of $50,000, all volumes and artbooks will have an autograph, hand-signed by XLER. All of the products in each tier — the manga, art book, posters, towel, collector’s box, etc. — will be completely uncensored.

The deadline for the campaign is June 3rd. If you are interested in My Sister and wish to see it published, you now have the chance at Push Publications’ Kickstarter page.

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