Going in dry

Developer Razzart Visual has just released Wolf Tails, an ecchi visual novel about taking care of cute wolf girls, on Steam's storefront.

In Wolf Tails, you play the part of a recluse (either male or female, with appropriate scenes) who has fled modern society to live far off in the snowy mountain wilderness. Though thrilled at the prospect of leaving other people far behind, that lasts little as a tour of your cabin leads you to Mirari, a lightly-clothed wolf girl busy freezing to death in your storeroom.

Once you take Mirari in from the cold, Wolf Tails turns into a standard choose-your-own-adventure visual novel, with point-and-click text-based gameplay, original art, music, and of course, choices. The latter actually matter in the gameplay, because no sooner does Mirari recover than you meet Fuyu, a brash, tsundere wolf girl tasked with fetching Mirari and bringing her back to wolf society.

As a protagonist, you find yourself in the middle of Fuyu and Mirari's little dispute, which takes on some importance as Mirari is apparently someone of great import in wolf girl society. From your role as impromptu mediator, you can befriend and romance either wolf girl, leading to story progression and multiple endings.

Of course, being a romance VN with H-elements, Wolf Tails does have several explicit H-scenes, all of which are completely censored in the Steam version. Fear not though, as an decensoring patch is readily available at Razzart's official website.

If you're interested, you can buy Wolf Tails on Steam here, as well as on itch.io here. The game is $9.99 regularly, but will be 10% off during launch week. Be sure to check out some of Razzart's other works, such as Starlight Vega.

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