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Sad Panda Studios Seeks Funding on Kickstarter for Their New Game, Hush Hush

Sad Panda Studios starts a Kickstarter campaign for their management sim visual novel, Hush Hush.

From the creators of Crush Crush, Sad Panda Studios has started a Kickstarter campaign for their multipath management sim visual novel, Hush Hush. They are asking for $24,000 CAD [around $18,706 USD] to complete the project and have six possible stretch goals.

Hush Hush will be taking the girls from Crush Crush, Sad Panda Studios’ idle dating sim, and place them into a new story. In this game, it is your job to save these girls’ lives from something deadly and you only have thirty days to do it. Earn money, boost your stats, and improve your relationships with the girls and they just might reveal the secrets they’ve been keeping from you. You’ll need to make tough decisions and plan your days wisely if you want to save them.

Hush Hush’s story centers around adult interactions, and will explore some intense narrative and interpersonal relationships. The final product will be mostly Safe For Work, with access to a more adult version through applicable channels. I mean, the tagline is “Only your LOVE can save them.” Things are bound to get a bit steamy. To reach for the stars with Hush Hush, we’ve laid out all the cool stuff we’d like to build and what it’s going to cost to get it done. You know how this whole Kickstarter thing works!

There are six stretch goals for the campaign. They include full voice acting at $27,000 CAD [ around $20,960 USD], animated love scenes for all romanceable characters at $40,000 CAD [around $31,050 USD], a bonus romanceable character from Crush Crush and another route at $60,000 CAD [around $46,580 USD], another bonus character and route at $69,000 CAD [around $53,570 USD] , and animations for the characters and backgrounds at $80,000 CAD [around $62.110 USD]. The final stretch goal for $85,000 CAD [around $66,000] is a bonus four inch chibi figure of either Mio or Quill. A poll will be made to decide which character will be created. This chibi figure will be an added bonus for the backers who opted in for any of the tiers that include the eight inch Mio figure.

The deadline for the Hush Hush Campaign is June 4th. If you want to learn more about Hush Hush’s reward tiers or back the project, you can find the information at Sad Panda Studios’ Kickstarter Page.

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