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A DLC expansion pack and voice pack have been released for the yaoi visual novel, Nekojishi.

The Beastmen are back with the release of Nekojishi Expansion Pack - A Sunny Day. This expansion pack adds 10 new CGs to the main story and an epilogue, taking place after the true ending. There are also new backgrounds and sprites of the beastmen wearing summer clothes. A voice pack was also released for Nekojishi, adding full Chinese voice acting to the game to hear what your favorite beastman sounds like.

Nekojishi Expansion Pack: A Sunny Day

A Sunny Day is a fully-fledged expansion pack for Nekojishi!

This pack introduces 10 new CG artworks into the main story along with a new epilogue story that takes place after the true ending of Nekojishi.

Epilogue: A Sunny Day

Through arrangements made by Yan Shu-Chi, Tiger and Leopard are given a single day to be incarnated and walk the earth as humans. A demanding task that could have only been achieved with the assistance of the Yan family.

Hoping to make the best of their time together, they decide to spend this precious day at a very peculiar convention—not that that helps Tiger and Leopard’s thoroughly lacking social skills.

However, Liao still has hang-ups over Shu-Chi’s ability to pull all of this off with his family. Perhaps there is more that has been left unsaid…


- A Sunny Day: A completely new epilogue story that takes place after the ending of the main story.

- Brand-new background artwork and character sprites for the epilogue.

- 13 new CG artworks. (10 for the main story, 3 for the epilogue).

Special thanks to Nathan Almario (NathanSquarez) for his soundtrack contribution.

The base game of Nekojishi is free on Steam. You can download the uncensored version for free on the Nekojishi website. A pop-up will appear in Chinese before you can enter the site to make sure you are over 18. Choose the option on the left to continue.

You can buy Nekojishi Expansion Pack - A Sunny Day and the voice pack in a bundle for $9.78. If you don’t want both, you can buy them individually with the expansion pack priced at $7.99 and the voice pack at $5.99.

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