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A pair of fan translators has created an English patch for Parade Buster, a first-person action game about slashing naughty girls in sword fights.

In Parade Buster, you play as Lest, a young, prodigious swordmaster. Lest's fame in the martial arts of armed combat are well-known throughout the land, just as his weakness towards the naked female body is. Many aspiring lady knights want to gain the fame of defeating a legendary sword fighter, and they have just the kind of thing needed to exploit his Achilles heel.

The story begins with Lest receiving a quest to transport a magical orb. During his travels, he will face all kinds of adversaries, from knights and bandits to monster girls including slimes and nagas. Parade Buster is mainly an action game, though with some RPG elements. The player has to press on enemy sprites to perform attacks while managing his stamina. Fights are fast and involve a lot of swift reactions between swapping weapons to match your foes and blocking when the opposition gets overwhelming. Along the way, Lest will level up and earn money to purchase stronger weapons, which encourages the player to try outside quests for extra stats.

The game has been made by circle excessm, and was originally released in 2016. It features 56 unique enemies, each capable of molesting Lest with lewd attacks. There are 12 full hentai scenes, and four difficulty modes to replay the game on.

Though originally a Japanese release, the game has now been fully translated by the translation duo, =Together=, a pair of translators made of Hana[E] and Dralater from the ULMF forums. Their previous works include J○Fight, The Puppeteer of Prizna, and Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~.

You can download the translation from their news post on Patreon. The installation process is pretty simple. You will have to download DXExtract, unpack the game’s data folder, delete the now-unpacked data file, and then replace the folder data with the translation files. Also available on =Together=’s Patreon is a more detailed guide with pictures.

You can buy Parade Buster on DLsite for $7.41, or 810 JPY at a 50% off sale until May 9. After the sale is over, the game will cost $14.87, or 1,620JPY. There’s also a free demo available for testing the game. Whether you translate Parade Buster or not, the game may not display text unless launched with Japanese locale.

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