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Final Battle Now Available on Steam

Enjoy some classic RPG moments with some additional ecchi goodness in Final Battle.

This past week, a new ecchi RPG titled Final Battle was released on Steam, courtesy of developer and publisher, Cherry Bloom. Final Battle sees the player begin as a normal man, only to find out that they are the chosen one. Afterwards, he meets a few skilled lady companions and goes off to adventure.

The Steam description for Final Battle touts itself as a must-have for fans of old-school RPGs, and can be read below, alongside screenshots and a video for the title:

What if a dream was becoming reality?

What if a nightmare was becoming true?

Follow the road of Blade, an average guy unaware of his gift, as he meets gorgeous friends along the way,

Crystal the high-handed priestess,

Raven the beginner mercenary,

Vulcana the quirky spellcaster

Tina the confident barbarian!

Final Battle features an enthralling story with many twists and turns, and a gameplay to satisfy the itch of RPG players.

It is a must-have for fans of the old Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Breath of Fire.


- 3 difficulty modes to adjust to your playing style

- Optional nudity mode

- Visible enemy encounters

- Steam trading cards

- Steam achievements

Final Battle’s description mentions that it has an optional nudity mode, but there doesn’t appear to be any sex scenes. There also isn’t any information related to additional content on Cherry Bloom’s blog; however, Cherry Bloom does offer some other goodies in addition to the game. A wallpaper and guide pack is available as a separate purchase on Steam for $1.99. Also, if you like physical copies of games, you can purchase Final Battle on CD from the developer’s website. If you just want the game, you can pick it up for $6.99 on Steam for Windows platforms.

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