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Gal*Gun 2 Released in North America, Along with a New Wardrobe

Gal*Gun 2 has arrived to North America along with some new DLC costumes.

We’ve written about Gal*Gun 2’s release in Europe, but now, it has finally come to North America. The game mechanics in this sequel are similar to the previous game in the Gal*Gun series, Gal*Gun: Double Peace. It brings back an improved Doki Doki Mode and new defense missions. There is also a new cast of characters and a new story. In this game, you play as a young man chosen by Risu, an angel, to hunt down the demons that have been causing chaos at your academy. With the help of your pheromone shot and demon sweeper, it's up to you to return this demon infested school back to normal.

The first set of DLC outfits have also been released. This set has three outfits; the Meowvelous Sweater, Classy Bunny Girl, and Bubble Bath Bikini. Starting today, April 24th, there will be more DLC outfit sets released every two weeks. These sets will include classic costumes from the previous game and new ones for Gal*Gun 2. Each costume set will cost $11.99. If you only want a specific costume in the set, individual costumes will be sold for $4.99.

Recruited by the angel Risu, it's up to you, the only guy around, to rid your academy of a demonic infestation. But, there's a catch! You suddenly find yourself the object of every girl's affection – they're all outrageously hot for you, and it's going to take some serious focus to fend off this avalanche of affection.

Letters, kisses, declarations of love – this is one student body that can't wait to get up close and personal. Armed only with your pheromone shot and an innovative means of sucking up those menacing demons (and perhaps some other things as well...), you're going to have to work hard to fend them off, if you're ever going to complete your mission.

You can buy Gal*Gun 2 from Amazon or the collector’s edition from Rice Digital for the PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

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