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Remtairy and Happy Life expand the story of their kogal RPG, Meltys Quest, in a 1.10 update, among other additions.

When demons attacked the kingdom, leveled the castle, and kidnapped every other princess, the remaining Meltys is left with the quest to fix the damage and repel the demonic forces. There is one problem, though: Meltys isn’t exactly the most talented person in the world. In fact, she never cared enough to become proficient at anything, so all she has left at her disposal is the natural beauty of a princess.

Meltys Quest is a turn-based RPG about a princess with golden hair, tanned skin and rich breasts trying to fight against evil, using only her promiscuous approach towards her adversaries. She also has the option to avoid nearly all sexual encounters in the game. You can find more details about her adventure in our Hentai Game Report on Meltys Quest.

The game has been developed by Happy Life, with translation and publishing handled by Remtairy. Recently, Meltys Quest has received its first major update, numbered 1.10. It introduces a new set of sidequests, accessible in the post-game for players who reached the ending Y, which requires Meltys to have a slut level of at least 69 points and to have finished rebuilding her castle.

Aside from this expansion, the update contains one new costume, eight new achievements to unlock, a challenge dungeon, more scenes, more bug fixes, and a street vendor that allows Meltys to revisit past scenes. To help her face the new content, Meltys level cap has been raised to 80.

Until May 9th, you can buy Meltys Quest on DLsite with a 50% discount, for around $10.05 or 1080JPY. After the promotion, it will go back to the full price of $20.11 or 2,160JPY. Alternatively, Meltys Quest is available on Steam for $19.99 but is currently discounted to $14.99 until the 14th of April.

To fully enjoy the game's nudity in the Steam version, you will need to install the uncensor patch.

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