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Nutaku to Accept Verge Cryptocurrency for All Transactions

Montreal-based Nutaku, the world's largest adult gaming platform, has announced that it will be accepting Verge cryptocurrency as a payment method to purchase its online currency, Nutaku Gold.

Verge coin is an open-source cryptocurrency created in 2014 with the idea of merging Bitcoin blockchain technology with the "Wraith protocol," a smorgasbord of TOR and I2P networks functioning in such a way that every transaction is completely obscured and anonymized.

Verge has recently come to prominence due to its adoption by such major porn content providers and websites as PornHub and Brazzers, essentially making it a big part of the economy of adult content transactions, which has experienced a bit of a push to crypto after a long and troubled history with "socially acceptable" payment and credit card processors.

Starting today, Nutaku will start accepting Verge alongside MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and other major payments methods. Like with credit cards and PayPal, Verge will be used to purchase Nutaku's own in-site currency, Nutaku Gold, which can be used to purchase both individual game titles such as erotic visual novels, as well as to purchase in-game microtransactions in Nutaku's library of free-to-play online games such as Sacred Sword Princesses and Pocket Fantasy. From Mark Antoon, President of Nutaku:

“For months, we’ve seen the press and investor community focus on the growth of the cryptocurrency market. Both the gaming and adult industries have always been incubators for adopting new technology and showcasing innovation, which is one of the biggest reasons we’ve decided to start accepting Verge coin. We believe our community will make use of the new payment method, and we look forward to providing new options for crypto enthusiasts.”

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