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Loverslab user darsig has released his nude mod for the Korean MMORPG, Soul Worker.

Soul Worker is a free-to-play, instanced action MMORPG, featuring anime-like cel-shaded graphics, intense combat, cooperative gameplay for up to four players, mass PvP and PvPvE battles. The game was released in Korea last year and had its own direct-to-web anime series composed of five three minutes long episodes. An English version of the game was published by Gameforge this year.

One of Soul Worker’s main draws is its variety of available characters. Each class has a pre-made hero assigned to it, with a ton of customization options to personalize them with; however, for some people, less is more. Such was the case with darsig, who published his nude mod for the game on the LoversLab forums.

darsig’s mod strips clothes off of Haru Estia, Lily Bloomerchen, Stella Unibell, and Iris Yuma, as well as an NPC. Note that the character of Iris Yuma is not yet available in the English version of the game.

To install the mod, you will have to download data files from darsig’s topic, and paste them into the game's data folder. The mod works well with both the Steam and standalone client versions of the English release and should persist through updates. In the case of the Korean client, it would be necessary to unpack darsig's data000 file and insert the nude meshes into character-specific data files. It will also require occasional re-installing after the Korean client replaces data files during updates.

You can play the English version of Soul Worker for free, either through Steam or by downloading the client directly from the publisher’s website. This version of the game is available only to players in the North American and European regions.

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