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Patreon-funded developer Irphaeus is working on Waifu Academy, a school-themed, revenge-driven 3D visual novel.

In Waifu Academy you play as a young man you get to name yourself. Said protagonist has a complicated backstory: His father was a school principal. He lost his position due to rape allegations, and though he was later proven innocent, his life was ruined. This drove him to attempt suicide. He failed to kill himself and survived, but is now bound to a wheelchair, unable to even eat on his own. During this time the protagonist took care of him, while his mother ran away and married a different guy, a successful businessman.

Years later, after the protagonist’s father dies, his mother’s new husband invites him to live with them until he finishes studying. The protagonist may appear as a mature, honest man, but that is far from the truth. He plans to get revenge on his mother, her daughter, and everybody involved with his father’s demise.

The story is a mostly linear plot with some occasional choices to make. It features themes of mystery, investigation, sexual corruption, and blackmail. The player’s character is extremely intelligent and cunning, but also rather evil. There’s a huge emphasis on sexual enslavement, with the ultimate goal being to assume dominance over 14 different women, and regain the school that once belonged to the protagonist’s father.

Waifu Academy is mainly a 3D visual novel with slightly anime-like visual aesthetics. The only exclusion from that are the sex scenes, all of which are fully animated. The game’s early demo is quite lengthy and features around 30 sexual scenes involving six girls from the cast, all with hugely varying personalities and body shapes: from a petite but sassy stepsister, to a perverted and busty school nurse.

The game’s developer, Irphaeus, started working on Waifu Academy back in August 2017. He was prompted to make his project public after losing his job, and while his Patreon still doesn’t cover full living expenses, he’s been able to spend most of his time on game development. You can find out more about him, and the game project itself, on his Patreon page.

If you’d like to try out the game for yourself, the demo is there as well, available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It’s quite lengthy, taking more than an hour to get through, and has plenty of sex scenes. Even though English isn’t the developer’s first language the script is rather clean.

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