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Flaming Firefly's newest fantasy visual novel and eroge, Forest Fortress, has been released on Steam, with adult patch available from the developer.

Indie eroge developer Flaming Firefly, previously known for Treasure of a Blizzard,is back with a new visual novel set in a fantasy forest. As the protagonist, named Dale, the player will have to decide the fate of the forest and all of its inhabitants while trying to maintain his relationship with several exotic monster girls.

For more information on the game's plot and features, look beyond this paragraph.

The protagonist, Dale, went to the cursed forest to learn more about the reasons of arising disease that spread in the neighbouring village. During his search he meets a squirrel-girl who warns Dale about danger. She advises him to leave the forest before night falls, otherwise he will share the fate of the dryads. But it was too late…

You can try to set the forest free of the curse and follow the way of light or you can obey the will of corruption…

If your heart is opened for romance, you will have a chance to find a very exotic soulmate during your travels around the mysterious forest. Your soulmate will keep you a company during your stay in the gloomy forest.

Some of the features of Forest Fortress include a non-linear, branching fantasy storyline, with the player's choices affecting the ending, characters animated in Live2D, hiqh-quality 1080p backgrounds, 9 animated erotic scenes, and 3 exotic-looking monster girls to start a relationship with.

Forest Fortress is now available on Steam for PC operating systems at a discounted launch price of $13.49. The developers of the game have made a free adult patch available on their Patreon page, alongside with installation instructions for those looking for a more intense and sexy experience.

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