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Brazilian-based developer SkimpySoft has released their new eroge puzzle game, Battle of otherworldly Beauties!, on DLsite.

Battle of otherworldly Beauties! is a real-time, competitive puzzle game played against the AI, with gameplay very reminiscent of Tetris and Puyo Puyo. The player picks one of eight available girls and plays a match against one of the others, controlled by the AI. Gameplay consists of blocks falling in pairs into a rectangular area. Each block has one of four elements associated with it: water, earth, air, and fire. Blocks stack on top of each other, except for when a block falls onto one it can destroy, in which case it is deleted. For example, water blocks consume fire. As you clear blocks this way, you will generate trouble blocks on your opponent’s side of the board. The first player to have any block reach the top of the screen loses.

There are a total of five game modes in Battle of otherworldly Beauties!, each being a variant on the rules described above. Arcade mode features storylines for the eight different girls, together with spicy girl-on-girl pictures to unlock for the gallery. Puzzle mode tasks you with cleaning an already-filled board for some extra girl-on-orc CG action, of which you can find more in the villain mode, where you play as the orc and defeat the heroines to have your way with them. Finally, caravan mode plays like a two-minute score attack, while endless mode lets you play for as long as you want, provided you don’t fail by accident.

Battle of otherworldly Beauties! is the first game made by SkimpySoft, an independent Brazilian development studio. You can find detailed guides about the game on their website.

You can buy Battle of otherworldly Beauties! on DLsite for $12.16 or 1,296 JPY.

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