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MangaGamer announced some upcoming titles while hosting a panel at this year’s Anime Boston.

Anime Boston kicked off yesterday and runs throughout this weekend. Of the many industry attendees, erotic games publisher MangaGamer held a panel in which the company made its first game announcements of 2018.

First up is seal-Qualia’s Amatarasu Riddle Star. This title is a romance visual novel,about a guy whose life and world are transformed after wishing upon a star. It will be available on MangaGamer and Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms in both all ages and 18+ versions.

When you wish upon a star, dreams can come true!

As a child, Takaya loved the world and all the possibilities within it, weaving fantastical tales about the world around him, filling it with princesses, robots, rabbits in the moon, and more. Yet as he grew up and learned the truth - that none of those were real - he grew disillusioned with reality and retreated into books. His childhood friend Yua was the only one to stick with him, telling him stories and inviting him to gaze upon the stars with her. Yet once he wishes upon a shooting star, the stars rain down upon his world, transforming it to fantasy. Will Takaya stick with Yua when the chance to live out his fairy tales awaits? Will he try to confront the mystery of the fantasies laid before him?

Next up is something for otome fans, Steam Prison. This dark adventure story is about a young woman who lives a privileged life in a utopian city. Her reality is questioned when she ventures out of her safe haven and discovers the wastelands which make up the rest of the world. Developer HuneX is bringing this 17+ title to MangaGamer and Steam.

In this world there are those fortunate enough to enjoy safety, luxury, and comfort inside their gorgeous, utopian city that boasts a commanding view of the ravaged surface far below their haven. The rest don't matter. When our heroine leaves the protection of the Heights to perform her police duties on The Depths below, she's greeted with a violent, destitute world of hardworking, damaged individuals. Can she reconcile the world she knows with this world as it is? Will she connect with any of those living below, or join in the contempt for them? Can she endure the truths to be uncovered under her watch?

Finally, MangaGamer also announced that they will be working with Liarsoft to bring Kindred Spirits on the Roof ~ Full Chorus~ to MangaGamer and Steam. This is a fully voiced update DLC for Kindred Spirits on the Roof, and will also add additional CGs and voice actor commentary. Along with this, MangaGamer also confirmed that the base game will be ported over to Mac and Linux platforms.

That’s all for MangaGamer’s announcements thus far. You can find out more about Amatarasu Riddle Star, Steam Prison, Kindred Spirits on the Roof ~ Full Chorus~ on their information pages.

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