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Hurricane Dot Com has released Orction, a pixel art showcase about orcs auctioning elves.

Orction is a simple game about buying off elves from orcish auctions, violating them to raise their value, and then selling them back for profit. Rape your elves enough times and their sale can afford you more than one new addition. Most of them can also make you some babies from the practice, and you can watch them give birth, though the orkling itself has no practical use. The goal of the game is to get a hold of all the elves on the market at once.

The game features a total of 8 elven girls, each with a unique design, including one dark elf. Each girl has her own price range at which she can be encountered, and is locked into a specific position during sex, because of what not all of them will get pregnant. The game’s presentation is comprised entirely out of pixel art.

Orction or Orc Auction has been developed and published by circle Hurricane Dot Com. All of their games are made using pixel or dot art and often feature themes of rape or abuse.

The official description for Orction goes as follows:


Once you buy a slave elf, restrain and rear her.By rearing, we mean violating her or r*ping her to get her pregnant.

Violated elves can be sold at higher prices.

Elves can be sold at an even higher price if they are pregnant.Of course, pregnant elves can give birth.

Aim for your slave to become a cumdump.[Pixel Art]

This is game is a pixel animation work.If you see it in its original size, you can see the details

where I put my soul into every single pixel.Penetration scenes, illustrations of the p*ssy, birthing scene and more

have been illustrated erotically.I hope you will be excited as all scenes are animated.

This game also involves "cheats",

allowing you to enjoy this game more as a pixel animation.* The trial version includes two elves.

You can buy Orction on DLsite for $7.11 or 756 JPY at full price. At the time of publishing, the game is sold at a 10% off discount for $6.04 or 680 JPY. There is a free demo version available on the store page as well.

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