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Hentai game developer mminit has released his newest porn game, Lewdest Labyrinth, on itch.io and DLsite.

Lewdest Labyrinth is a rogue-lite dungeon crawler with first person navigation interspersed with turn-based combat, inventory management, exploration, and rape. Lots and lots of monster rape. From itch.io:

Hidden away where few adventurers travel sits the Lewdest Labyrinth. A curious girl from a nearby village steps into its depths and braces herself. Monsters peek around the corner and moans echo throughout... will she succumb to her lust?

Lewdest Labyrinth is a first person dungeon crawler, lewd enemies and traps await at every turn!

-23 floors full of traps!

-Over 40 cute and bizarre enemies to encounter

-Stance based combat system - alter your stats on the fly!

-Lewd and sometimes questionable battle cut-in images!

-5 outfits to unlock, each with their own unique skills!

-Dozens of skills to learn!

-Easy mode for casual play! -Unlockable gallery mode!

The basic premise of Lewdest Labyrinth is to navigate through the eponymous dungeon, avoiding "traps" (generally tentacle monsters surging from underground), and enemies — all of which are monsters of varying levels of rapey-ness.

In addition, your player character is a blonde slut looking for action, and while she can definitely fight enemies in hand-to-hand combat, she can also hike up her skirt and exhaust them in other ways. Like in most rogue-lites, special abilities exist, but instead of magic they key off "lust points," which are spent in-combat to activate skills, and replenished outside of combat by having your girl take a breather to get herself off.

If you're interested, Lewdest Labyrinth is available on itch.io here and on DLsite here for $12.16. A free demo is available for those who like to try before they buy. Additionally, if you're interested in more from mminit and his porn work, you can check out his Tumblr here.

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