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HeHeHe! Productions debuts on Steam with a goth-themed Arkanoid clone, Gothicc Breaker.

Gothicc Breaker is a simple brick-breaking game, very similar to Arkanoid and its other clones. In the game you control a paddle, in this case made out of skulls, to bounce a ball across a screen full of bricks. If the ball hits a wall or a brick it will bounce back. In most cases the brick will break as a result, but sometimes they require additional pounding.

Your goal in the game is to destroy all bricks on the stage and uncover the image behind them. Each of the 20 levels of Gothicc Breaker features a sexy goth girl, if not several. By collecting special power-ups that fall from broken bricks, you can undress them. Other powers include genre staples, like multi-ball, guns for shooting the bricks down, slowdown, or the elongation of the paddle for easier ball bouncing.

The game’s official description goes as follows:

Gothicc Breaker is the classic Brick Breaker game, but with a background that is not... flat!

Break the blocks and reveal the picture that lies beneath.Unlock new levels and test your luck,

and once you are done go check out the gallery, to see what you have unlocked!Get Ready for your fresh new Goth GF!

You can grab the game for yourself over on Steam for $1.99. It's currently 25% off, reducing the price to $1.49 until April 4th.

Gothicc Breaker is HeHeHe! Productions’ first title, with art done by Nayrobee and huehuero. Unfortunately, the game’s art has been censored to remain in line with Steam regulations. A guide on how to decensor the game is available on the game’s Steam forum page.

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