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Hongfire users have created an English fan translation for the sex simulator, After School Gang Rape Addiction (奉課後輪姦中毒).

Back in 2016, Mikonisomi released After School Gang Rape Addiction (奉課後輪姦中毒). This title is a sex simulation game with a decent amount of story mixed in. Sadly, if you didn’t know Japanese, the game was somewhat unplayable. Fortunately, a few hardworking folks from Hongfire have released an English translation patch.

After School Gang Rape Addiction is about a transfer student who gets caught up in the dirty deeds his classmates take part in after school. It contains simulation elements, slave training, and the ability to direct the fully animated 3D sex scenes. The content consists of gangbangs, sex toys, bukkake and much more. It even has a free mode where users can fully customize the female characters.

Version 1.02 of this patch was released earlier this month to support the latest build of After School Gang Rape Addiction. It’s a complete translation that covers the menus and story text. It also removes censorship from some of the x-ray camera views and adds subtitles to the verbal dialogue. At one point, there was also a mod floating around that would decensor the game models; unfortunately, the link appears to be dead, and there are no current updates available.

Installing the mod is simple, thanks to the instructions provided on the Dropbox account. More information about the game and ongoing progress of the mod can be found on the Hongfire forum thread. You can purchase After School Gang Rape Addiction on DMM for Windows platforms. It’s currently on sale for 1,900 yen (approx. $18), with a standard price of 2,376 yen (approx. $23). There's also a rather generous demo available so that you can try it before you buy it.

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