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Sports Themed Dating Sim Into the Hoop Currently on Kickstarter 

Independent development studio Into the Hoop Team is looking to raise funds on Kickstarter for their sports-themed dating simulator, Into the Hoop.

An indie development team called Into the Hoop Team is currently working on a dating sim, similarly named Into the Hoop. As you’re probably aware, unlike standard visual novels, dating sims allow some control over the protagonist's stats, which determine key events and the outcome of the story. The structure is very similar to the Persona series if you were to remove the dungeon crawling elements. Into the Hoop promises everything you’d expect in a standard dating sim. The developers are currently seeking $8,000 AUD ($6,160 USD) on Kickstarter to help bring this game to life.

Unlike many dating sims, this game doesn’t start the main character off as a loser and who must work his way up to a high school god. Into the Hoop has players take the role of Taiyou High School's basketball ace, Yuu Kazehaya. His biggest concerns are passing exams, getting through training camps, and of course, finding romance.

Into The Hoop is a light-hearted slice of life visual novel/dating sim where you assume the role of Taiyou High School's basketball ace.

You are Yuu Kazehaya (優風早) of Taiyou High School, and your team has recently won the regional tournament to compete in the Interhigh Championship which is 45 days away! Being a final year senior, this means that once the Interhigh Championship is over, so is your high school basketball life. With a desire to build an everlasting album of high school memories with the remaining time available, you will decide on what kind of activities Yuu should pursue. This could be advancing routes of particular love interests, hanging out with your teammates, or raising stats with activities such as studying, training, or doing a part-time job!

In your quest to win the Interhigh Championships, can you make the right decisions to balance athletics, studies, and relationships with your remaining days to reach the perfect ending?

The complete version of Into the Hoop is planned to have more than 30 hours of total content, mosaic-free adult scenes, and many other elements you’d expect to see in a dating sim. Below is a complete list of features for the final product:

- Over 10 hours of content planned for the direct route over 45 days

- Over 20 hours of content if you explore all character route options

- Original soundtrack

- Multiple romanceable characters

- Partial voice acting

- Stat, money, and bond management system

- Day and night cycles with a Map system

- Mosaic free patch available upon release

If you decide to help fund this project, below is a chart to show you what rewards are available for supporters, as well as a list of available stretch goals.

Stretch goals

$15000 Improved Art [$11563.50 USD]

Unlocking this tier will allow us to produce more art on top of the already impressive amount that we are creating. This means more CGs, sprite variations, and BGs.

$18000 Additional Love Interest (+2 months development) [$13876.20USD]

5 girls are better than 4! When this tier is unlocked, we'll be able to introduce another romance-able character route in place of the 'locked' character as seen in the stat screen.

$22500 Epilogue (+1 month development) [$17345.25 USD]

A bonus chapter of what happens to everyone after the Interhigh Championship is over.

$27500 Extra Days (+1 month development) [$21199.75 USD]

Think 45 days are not nearly enough? If this tier is unlocked we will extend the number of days in the final release before the Interhigh Championship so that you can advance more routes per playthrough. This means more content and more flexibility with route choices.

The campaign for Into the Hoop ends on April 14th. There’s also a free demo available for Windows and Mac platforms. If you’d like to help support this campaign, or want to find out more info, feel free to visit the Kickstarter page. You can also check out more from the developers on Twitter, Facebook, and itch.io.

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