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Sierra Lee releases Desecration of Wings, a straightforward erotic RPG

Desecration of Wings is a story about Felana, a mother, and a historian. However, her job is far from easy. She lives in a fantasy world ruled by an Endless Court made up of immortal beings who forbid studying the remains of ancient civilizations and the many ruins they left behind. To this effect, the immortals have established many anti-scholarship edicts. Felana only desires a peaceful life, but as a war between the Immortals brews, she realizes that her knowledge has become the utmost of importance.

The game has been developed and published by Sierra Lee, whose previous titles include Crimson Gray, a visual novel about a yandere, and a turn-based RPG Ouroboros. Similarly, Desecration of Wings is a classical RPG with a few quality of life touches and a unique system of learning skills by using equipment. The game’s official description goes as follows:

The Endless Court is eternal, ruled by Immortals who have guided the four races of the world since the dawn of time. But they seem very concerned with preventing anyone from studying the broken ruins that litter the world, and peace is more fragile than it seems.

Felana is one of the historians at the margins of society, oppressed by the anti-scholarship edicts of the Endless Court. All she wants is to take care of her daughter and study in peace... but as war brews among Immortals and her knowledge suddenly becomes troublingly relevant, she isn't going to have that option.


- An old school RPG adding modern elements and removing the grind.

- Learn unique skills from equipment, both active and passive, to customize your party.

- Enemies in dungeons are visible and avoidable instead of random encounters.

- 10+ hours of twisting storyline with further optional challenges available.

- Sidequests and postgame content that improve your party's relationships.

- 24 base scenes and 100+ images total showing plot points and scenes between the characters.

If you’d like to purchase Desecration of Wings, you can do so over on Steam,, GameJolt, or Nutaku for $14.99 USD ($15.00 on Nutaku). Until the 23rd of March, you can get the Steam version of the game for 10% off, which lowers the price to $13.49.

If you decide to purchase the Steam version of the game, you will have to install a special patch to see the erotic content. You can find it on Sierra’s blog.

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