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Salangan Games seeks help in funding their sci-fi fantasy visual novel, Zeliria Sanctuary, on Indiegogo.

Zeliria Sanctuary is a sci-fi fantasy visual novel in which Maxx, an agent of the special forces, takes part in a risky experiment to test the first teleportation device ever created. With the estimated 13% chance of success, not much can be expected of the results. As far as the military is concerned, the test failed and Maxx is dead. As for Maxx, he awoke in an unknown place with a talking purple hamster— or rather a self-proclaimed creature of the salangan species, named Humkey.

Not long after, Maxx finds himself captured by tribesmen and enslaved by a genetically engineered catgirl. As the story goes on, Maxx will meet two more girls — who have yet to be revealed — and learn more about the planet of Zeliria. This is the outline of the project that Salangan Games wants to create.

Salangan Games is a Russian studio that initially planned on creating a simple visual novel, but decided to widen their scope after receiving positive feedback from their native community. They need to collect a minimum of $1800 USD, though there are plans for stretch goals to increase the game’s overall quality in terms of art and sound, but most importantly, the funds will be put towards a proper translation, with plans to release the game in Russian, English, and Japanese.

The official list of features planned for Zeliria Sanctuary is as follows:

- a dynamic and exciting story;

- a lot of choices, that cardinally influence the further events;

- 11 different endings (not counting the bad endings!);

- three heroines, each with her own story and several possible endings;

- a carefully crafted world with its own laws and history;

- vivid unique characters;

- variety of fantastic beasts that you will not find anywhere else;

- fantastic humor and selective sarcasm;

- stunning scenery;

- final arts in realistic style;

- and, of course, an abundance of beautiful scenes “about love”!

You can help fund the game on its Indiegogo page. The campaign is set to the flexible funding model, meaning that money won’t be refunded even if it fails, as Salangan Games are determined to finish the project no matter the campaign's result.

Like always, donating to the project will get you a collection of perks. $7 will get you a steam key of the novel, which will cost about twice as much after release. Higher tiers offer things like dakimakuras, digital artwork, or the ability to expand the game’s lore. Finally, the most expensive tier will let you add your own character to the game, with their own original route.

There’s a demo of Zeliria Sanctuary available on the game’s website. It’s somewhat short, featuring only a handful of characters and events, but it should help you get a feel for the project. Don’t get too turned off by the dodgy quality of English within the demo, as improving the translation is one of the campaign’s main goals.

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