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Detective Masochist 2, the sequel to U+Me PLUS' Detective Masochist, has been released on Nutaku.

U+Me PLUS released their sequel to Detective Masochist, Detective Masochist 2, on Nutaku. The story follows Hikaru, an incompetent and masochistic detective, as he tries to figure out the case of some mysterious rings. Along the way something happens to his assistant, Satome, when she gets excited, Satome turns into a super sadist — more sadistic than what Hikaru himself can handle. Now, it’s up to the masochistic detective to solve the mystery of the rings and turn Satome back to normal. However, when you are surrounded by sadistic women who only want to torment you with pleasure, closing the case might not be so easy.

About Detective Masochist 2

...But it would be tough to call him hardboiled. In fact, he's as incompetent as ever.

What's more, this dyed-in-the-wool masochist has the uncanny ability to attract hordes of the most sadistic women.

His assistant and occasional tormentor Satomi Komatsu is still here to support him along the way.

The two have become wrapped up in case involving strange rings.

One thing led to another, and now whenever Satomi gets excited she transforms into a raging sadist, one that would make any self-respecting masochist's mouth water!

Solving the case of the mysterious rings and returning Satomi back to normal doesn't seem like it will be an easy task for our hero.

Also along for the ride are Rie Yoshinodani, a glasses-wearing female doctor with a devilish side, and Hotaru Hakui, a self-proclaimed "witch in training" according to her delusional mind.

When their sadistic eyes twinkle, our hero bristles, knowing what's to come!

Will our hero even be able to find any clues to save Satomi amidst the relentless punishments? Find out for yourself!

You can buy Detective Masochist 2 for $14.95 on Nutaku, and runs on Windows 7 or later.

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