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MangaGamer's latest censored Steam release of yuri visual novel A Kiss For the Petals - Maidens of Michael has been delisted from the Steam storefront, following a complaint by a user.

MangaGamer's February 22nd Steam release of A Kiss For the Petals - Maidens of Michael has run into a bit of trouble after a Steam user accused the game of carrying pedophilic content, supposedly prompting Valve to act on the report and delist the game from the storefront.

After the title has been removed from the storefront, a thread on the still-intact Steam Discussion forum was started in order to inquire as to what has transpired. In the thread, a user going by the handle hamburger has issued a claim he is the one responsible for the game's delisting, as he reported it via Steam Support, claiming it promotes pedophilia by depicting sexual acts between minors and that it should not be freely sold in Canada, where hamburger allegedly comes from. The user posted a photo of his monitor showing the report and a Steam representative's response, saying they will look into this matter. The full image of hamburger's photograph can be seen below.

While a lot of users in the thread had deemed hamburger a troll, the fact remains that, whether they are the ones responsible or not, the title has been effectively removed from Steam's storefront and is currently unavailable to purchase.

While the censored Steam version of A Kiss For the Petals - Maidens of Michael does not contain explicit sex scenes, there are scenes with visible female nipples still present within the game.

Two days after the title's delisting, MangaGamer issued a statement regarding the situation on their official Twitter account stating they are working to get the matter resolved and will provide an update as soon they have more information.


LewdGamer has contacted both Valve and MangaGamer for statements regarding this whole issue. While Valve has not responded at the moment of this article's release, John Pickett, PR Director & Head Translator of MangaGamer, also known by their handle, Kouryuu, has told us his perspective on the events and the fact that Valve has not yet responded to their e-mails.

We reached out to Valve Wednesday shortly after it was taken down. (Valve took it down practically minutes prior to the close of business hours on Wednesday.) We have yet to hear anything from Valve regarding the situation or how to rectify it. Last night we sent out further e-mails to Valve to try and get a response, but have yet to receive any from them.

We will be sure to update you on the story as it develops and if we receive any additional word from either MangaGamer or Valve. The uncensored, mosaic-free version of A Kiss for the Petals - Maidens of Michael is available on MangaGamer's storefront.

Similarly to A Kiss for the Petals - Maidens of Michael, Kindred Spirits on the Roof, another visual novel game published by MangaGamer on Steam, features characters in a high school setting and contains about the same level of nudity and sexual content as the former's censored Steam version, but in the two years since it has been released, it has not suffered the same kind of issues.

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