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Gal*Gun 2, the sequel to PQube's hit game Gal*Gun: Double Peace, is slated for an April release in the West for both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Gal*Gun 2, the sequel to PQube and IntiCreate's hit shooting game about shooting sexy girls with a special gun to save them from demonic possession and making them fall in love with you for it, will arrive to the West on both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms. Release dates have been set for April 13th in Europe, and April 24th in North America.

Check out the latest trailer below in gorgeous 1080p and 60fps:

Gal*Gun 2 ups the stakes on Gal*Gun: Double Peace, featuring another demonic invasion of the world. Of course, the demons, like all the new characters, are sexy girls. In addition, Gal*Gun 2 expands on its predecessor's gameplay by featuring new gadgets, new modes, and an improved Doki Doki Mode. The basic premise remains the same, though — to save the girls you come across, you must face them down and shoot their pleasure spots with your Love Gun, with predictably orgasmic results.

If you're interested, Gal*Gun 2 pre-orders are already open at PQube's official site, here. If you want to know more about the details of this upcoming release, the producer and head of localization for Gal*Gun 2 will be hosting a special stream live from Inti Creates HQ in Japan on March 14th at 10 pm EDT. Check it out on Twitch, when the time comes.

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