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H-game publisher Denpasoft has just released the English version of Esc:cude's witch-centric game, Re;Lord I ~The witch of Hertfort and stuffed animals~ .

Re;Lord I follows the trend of combining visual novel-style dialogue and aesthetics with interactive gameplay. In this specific case, the title features strategic top-down map exploration that evolves into real-time strip shooter fights with party-based elements.

Re;Lord I frames its gameplay in the context of an erotic fantasy story set in Groesen, a territory that the country of Saarland surrendered to three tyrannical witches who have made a hobby of turning its inhabitants into living dolls. The main character, Wilfried, resolves to take back the territory and save its people by stripping the witches in combat and then having sex with them.

Re;Lord I develops its story as the player traverses over an isometric battle map, acquiring party members and leveling up skills. Battles are decided in shooting gameplay, where damaging the witches and landing shots causes their clothes to fall off or rip away, leaving them vulnerable to sex and molestation. Sadly, the game retains the mosaic censorship of the original Japanese version. From Denpasoft:

- Full Japanese voice acting including the main character, featuring talents such as Shirotsuki Kaname and Ueda Akane (Suzuki Aya in the NEKO-NIN exHeart series)

- Gorgeous artwork by artist Mizunezumi

- Slapstick comedy with a fleshed-out story and fun characters

- Target clothes to take them off: affect CGs and H-scenes

- Two witches to battle and undress

- Strip battle SLG with map gameplay (strategic) and battle gameplay (shooting)

- Skills level-up and achievements

- Original version with mosaics

If you're interested, Re;Lord I is available at Denpasoft's storefront here, for Windows PCs only. The limited time 10% launch discount leaves the price at $17.99.

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