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J-List has opened pre-orders for another one of Phat Company's creations. From Re: Zero, we now have a 1/7 scale statue of Ram in a super sexy wedding outfit.

Looking to upgrade your figure collection? Why not add some Ram? Thanks to the folks at Phat Company, we now have another new option for the pink-haired oni. Now available for pre-order on J-List is a wedding version of Rem from Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World.

Last year, Phat! released a 1/7 scale wedding version of Re:Zero’s Rem. As a follow-up, her twin sister, Ram, is getting the same treatment. Her 1/7 scale has her standing at 22cm (8.7in) in height. She’s bashfully looking back at the viewer as if to ensure someone is appreciating her beauty.

The Phat! quality you’d expect is fully shown in the details of this one. From her lacey lingerie to the cute frills in her skirt, nothing was overlooked in Ram’s design. She’s even holding a bouquet of blue flowers, to perfectly mirror the pink bouquet her sister holds in her figure. The designers certainly didn’t forget the most important part of a wedding outfit, the ring.


Fans of Ram, Phat Company presents an absolutely beautiful new figure that you will not want to miss out on. Make Ram your waifu with this new 1/7 scale figure that has Ram in a sexy yet cute wedding outfit. Add her to your collection today!

You can pre-order the 1/7 scale Ram Wedding Version figure for $140 on J-List. She’s scheduled to ship this November, just in time for the holidays, and is eligible for a 10% off pre-order discount.

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