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A duet of indie developers is working on a café management game with occult themes and plenty of sex titled Project Cappuccino.

In Project Cappuccino you take the role of a new manager at the Resting Bean Café. The game begins with a short interview about the job, after which you meet the maid, and then begin your work by deciding which tasks require the most attention. These short management sections are a basic daily occurrence, but the main meat of the project lies within its story. As time goes on you will discover that not every character is to be trusted, and that at least some of them have dabbled with the occult.

Project Cappuccino is being made by Tentakero, a team made up of two people: Vanis, the game’s programmer; and Dokucchi, who deals with artwork and animation. Tentakero’s goal is to create adult games that offer more than just pornographic content, mainly by trying to make their stories truly compelling.

Cappuccino is their first project so far. The game’s current public demo version features two chapters of the story and three major characters, two of whom can be taken for a ride in the game’s interactive intercourse system. You can learn more about them through their official descriptions:

Age: 19

Sophie moved to the city from a small rural town. Her initial goal was to find a part time job while she studied, however, she fell in love with working at the Resting Bean Cafe and decided to devote full time to her job. She now dreams of owning her own cafe or restaurant one day.

Age: Declined to Answer

The present manager of the Resting Bean Cafe. Mira tends to be secretive about her past. To date, no one has learned much about her. She can be stern at times but seems friendly during most interactions. Some would call her a perfectionist with expensive tastes. Sophie has noticed that she’s rather lazy when it comes to manual work and would prefer to offload her responsibilities on others.

Age: 27

The original owner and manager of the Resting Bean Cafe. She claims that her puppet like appearance is the result of a curse placed on her, however, Colette has been secretive about how it happened and refuses to give any details. Her mannerisms can be cold and distant, making her true feelings difficult to read. From what you can tell, her relationship with Mira is a strained one. What is she hiding?

Project Cappuccino’s public demo is available on their Patreon page. While the game is not that far along in terms of its story, but it features all the planned core mechanics, which will be expanded upon in the future.

If the project interests you, you can support it further by subscribing to Tentakero’s Patreon. Project Cappuccino is being made on the side, as the team cannot yet support full-time development. Donating to the cause warrants standard perks, like $1 will get you access to the update news feed and polls, or latest beta access for $5. Higher donations will get you extra artworks as well as let you have the option of your name being in the game’s credits.

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