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Arkamsoft has released their first adult visual novel, Pure Heart Chronicles.

Arkamsoft is a new game development studio that recently completed their first title: Pure Heart Chronicles. It is a visual novel about a young and inexperienced white mage who joins a renowned (albeit damaged) guild, and becomes paired with a team of four daring ladies in need of a healer.

The novel attempts to distinguish itself in two ways. Firstly, whilst Quinn the white mage is the game’s protagonist, the narration is written in third person, providing more insight into him as a character through expressions and descriptions, rather than having to rely on inner dialogue. Secondly, the novel’s art style attempts to find a middle ground between eastern-styled art from sources such as Japanese anime, and more extremist western approaches.

The game’s full cast is made up of:

Quinn, a slightly perverted but pure hearted white mage eager to become a hero.

Nia, a greedy, flirtatious and devious thief. She often tricks people with her youthful looks that don’t reflect her actual age.

Corrine, an Amazonian woman of unbelievable strength that can turn her skin as hard as iron, which also makes her hot.

Ebelle, a honorable and stoic Knight. She’s a very responsible woman from a race of people that dwelled in savage lands. She’s strong, but also a great tactician.

And finally Abigail, a seductive mage who enjoys men, drinking, and dancing.

The story of the game will revolve around the party’s attempt to unveil the evil that looms over the kingdom, an exercise during which Quinn will forge close bonds with his teammates. The game’s full list of features is:

• 10 + Explorable Locations

• 4 Unique Girls to seduce & many other characters to encounter

• 15+ Uncensored Scenes

• Visual Novel Style Interactions

• No DRM

• Windows, Mac, and Linux

You can buy Pure Heart Chronicles over on Nutaku for $7 or 700 Nutaku gold. The title is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

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