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Bruni Multimedia Is Creating General Practitioner

Bruni Multimedia is developing General Practitioner, a visual novel in which you're a doctor managing your own clinic.

General Practitioner is a visual novel following a 33-year-old medical practitioner whose skills manage to net him a clinic for himself to oversee. It starts out rather small, but as you become more successful and prove yourself, you will be able to expand. As the game progresses, various patients will come to you and it's up to you to ask them questions in an attempt to figure out what is ailing them — examine the patient to better determine the problem, and act accordingly. You will also be able to explore the town and work on your relationships with staff and patients.

Bruni Multimedia states that they are working alongside a real MD to ensure their game is accurate. The game provides links to information on various conditions that are mentioned in the game, and explains to you what you did right or wrong after examining a patient. Ideally you want to act professionally and accurately without asking unneeded questions or performing unnecessary examinations. If you do your job correctly you'll get money and a better reputation, allowing you to see more patients and build your clinic up.

The game can be played with nudity turned on, with the nude content turned off, or you can choose to do various exams without going through the in-game story. The exam mode is more like a freeplay mode where you can just choose what exams to do and aren't required to do them in any specific order. Since exam mode has no bearing on story mode, you can use it to experiment and practice a bit more. General Practitioner is currently in alpha, but the beta release isn't planned until late 2019.

The current alpha build of General Practitioner can be downloaded at itch.io for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or Android. Bruni Multimedia also has an official site here as well as a Patreon if you would like to support them.

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