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Studio FOW has released another brutal parody animation. In Severance, watch Dead or Alive's Helena get manhandled by a group of horny soldiers who are also looking for payback.

For years, Studio FOW has been entertaining its fans with a wealth of high-quality adult parody videos. Whether you want to watch Lara Croft get raped by dogs, see what would really happen if Jill Valentine took on the Tyrant, or you just want to see 2B’s ass getting used the way you dreamed of, the fine folks from FOW have always been eager to brutalize your favorite video game heroines to satisfy your fapping needs. This brings us to their latest release, which stars the beautiful Helena from Dead or Alive, Severance.


Severance begins with President Helena Douglas scolding a group of hired mercenaries. Long story short, she isn’t happy with their failing performance and decides to give them the boot. Unfortunately, this pack of gun-toting goons is also unhappy with Helena herself. If they are going to be fired, they aren’t going to go without some severance pay. It’s too bad for the busty blonde that they decided she would be the payment.

The video proceeds exactly how you’d expect from this point. Helena’s attackers pass her back and forth for a while, then they start going at her all at once, showing her absolutely no mercy. After these guys are finally done with her, they hand her over to someone else. Helena may think it’s over, but this guy has also got a monster of a surprise in store.

You can watch Severance on XVideos for the standard version, or you can download the high-quality version via torrent. You can check out Studio FOW’s Tumblr page and website for further updates. They also have a Patreon , if you’d like to show them some support; though, as of this writing, their Patreon page seems to be "under review."

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