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Thanks to the aid of a new publisher, Muv-Luv is once again available on Steam in English.

As we mentioned back during Muv-Luv’s PS Vita announcement, due to the expiration of the publishing deal for Muv-Luv’s Steam version, the game had to be taken down from the storefront. This issue has been fixed, with ixtl announcing their partnership with Sekai Project, and making the game available once more on Steam.

The Muv-Luv series of visual novels are basically a harem trilogy that takes you on a wild ride from a high-school slice of life, into deep and action-packed sci-fi war with mechas. Upon the takeover announcement, Christopher Ling and Stephanie Hii from Sekai Project commented further on the matter:

"It is my absolute pleasure to be able to work with ixtl on the Muv-Luv project. We understand the fervor of the fans of this groundbreaking franchise and it is simply an honor to be a part of all this. On the behalf of Sekai Project and our staff, please enjoy Muv-Luv!" - Christopher Ling, CEO, Sekai Project

"This is Hirei from Sekai Project. I'm very excited to be part of the team once again. As a fellow fan, I look forward to spreading the luv even further! Cheers!" - Stephanie Hii, Project Manager, Sekai Project

With the games’ relaunch come two slight changes. The script of Muv-Luv Alternative has been updated, though one more update is still in plans. At the same time, Muv-Luv Extra+Unlimited will now be five bucks cheaper.

If you already owned the game, you will have to proceed according to these official instructions in order to get access to the re-released version:

I already own the game(s), how to get the new key(s)?

For Backers - New keys for Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative were added to BackerKit. Please check your pledge details and browse the "Digital Downloads" section.

For Steam Users who owns the original AppID(s) - Valve support said they’re currently looking for ways so the original AppID owners can also get the new versions. If we can’t solve the problem before the end of March, we’ll be using Steam API to fix the issue.

How to transfer the previous save data? - Uninstall previous Muv-Luv games (the save folders should be left intact)

- Copy the original AppID save folders somewhere as backup.

- Install the new versions of Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative.

For each new version of the game, do the following steps:

- Run the game once, and open all save slots. To do this, at the very beginning of the game, just simply click save and fill up every single save slot with the same scene to “unlock” them.

- Once all save slots are occupied, close the game and turn off Steam Cloud sync, located under Steam “Properties”→”Updates”→.then unchecking “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization”.

- Copy the previous Muv-Luv save folder over to the new version's local directory located inside "steamapps/common" folder.

- Turn Steam Cloud sync on once again, and all original save data should be transferred to the new version.

Credits to Gabgrave, The Muv-Luv Team's passionate localization team leader for figuring out the solution!

Muv-Luv and the final episode, Muv-Luv Alternative, are available on Steam for $29.99 and $39.99 respectively; however, the games are currently discounted by 30% until March 7th, are temporarily available for $20.99 and $27.99, respectively. It's worth noting to those interested that the Steam cards and backgrounds are not yet available for the Muv-Luv games, and will be implemented at a later date.

As with most hentai releases on Steam, Muv-Luv has had its adult content cut out. In order to experience the more explicit moments of the story, you will have to buy the uncensor patch, Muv-Luv Director’s Cut, at Denpasoft. The DLC costs $9.99 but is currently on sale for $4.99. If you already had the patch before the game’s re-release, you don’t need to purchase it again: It will still function properly once installed over the new version of the game.

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